queue_music TRACKLIST real nature

1 – IN THE DARKNESS                            Videoclip In the darkness

2 – DEEP DESERT                                    Videoclip Deep desert

3 – GET LOST                                           Videoclip Get lost

4 – DON’T WORRY                                   Videoclip Get lost

5 – …WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY                 Videoclip Get lost

6 – REAL NATURE                                    Videoclip Real nature

7 – LIGHT REBIRTH                                 Videoclip Real nature

8 – A.I.                                                        Videoclip A.I.

9 – LIFE BEYOND REALITY                     Videoclip Life beyond reality


11 – ALONE                                                Videoclip Life beyond reality

Emaho – Biography

The Emaho music project is the brainchild of Andrea Pietrangeli (official site here). Born in Rome, he has lived through many musical and life experiences. After many concerts and compositions as a musician and singer-songwriter he began his own personal journey with studies in philosophy, spirituality and psychology, in search of his consciousness, to meet again the freer, more playful, creative and lighter child self. Today he has also let go of all this search and lives entrusted completely to the present moment, feeling creativity as an indispensable vital tool.

In the past, he has made trips to Sinai, India, the Maldives and Fuerteventura, and after sharing his knowledge as a speaker many times, he has also led numerous conferences and motivational workshops in Italy over the years. His music encapsulates the profound experiences he has had on his travels, in contact with people and the risks that every journey brings.

He undertakes the activity of writer, with eight books to his credit. In 2013 he published RiEvolution – Alchemical Novel, the first of his trilogy of novels with an exceptional godfather such as Alejandro Jodorowski. In 2014, within a few months, “RiEvolution” became first on the online sales charts. In 2016, a call from India leads Andrea to venture out alone on an incredible journey; he finds himself one step away from death, having contracted a virus, a feat that will find ample space in his third book InCarnAction – Cosmic Novel. To present the book he completed a walking tour from Rome to Milan on the Via Francigena: 45 days of walking alone and in groups. This experience became the documentary IO SIAMO IN CAMMINO (video on youtube).

In 2017 LiberAzione – Romanzo animico was released with a preface by Franco Battiato. For this book, the last in the trilogy, the author experiences the initiatory test of the three nights in the woods. Meanwhile, still in 2017 “InCarnAction” becomes a Best Seller and reaches the first place of online sales. On July 27, 2017 he gives a speech in Montecitorio at the Italian parliament to also introduce his subsequent seminar at La Sapienza University in Rome. Also in 2017, Emaho’s first album entitled FROM THE STARS TO THE STARS was released, featuring tracks composed at 432hz that encapsulate a study of sound frequencies that continues to this day in Andrea’s musical experimentation.

Since 2017 he has lived for about 14 months in Fuerteventura – main island of the Canary Islands – organizing retreats in contact with the elements and reactivation of the body in nature (documentary here). In 2018 he composed the Sticazzi Mantra (link here). and wrote his fifth book, Contemplation – A Story of Fear and Courage. After risking his life once again – slipping on the summit of Mount Tindaya on his 50th birthday – he returned to Italy in 2020 and, complicit the year of planetary pandemic halt, he focused on himself by completing the book Sticazzi – The Supreme Way of Lightness. In addition to the great success of the book (40,000 copies sold), 2022 sees the release of Emaho’s second album, OVERGROUND LIFE.

Finally, 2024 marks the release of his eighth book Farmagia – The Supreme Way of Healing and simultaneously the birth of Emaho’s third album (still unreleased): REAL NATURE.


Lead Vocals on “Life beyond reality”: Velka Sai
Keyboard on “Get lost” “In the darkness”: Danilo Cherni
Electric wind instruments on “A.I.” & “Deep desert”: Max Fuzz
Keyboard on “A.I.” “Light rebirth” & “Alone”: Massimo Marraccini
Final purr on “Ballada of bàcata”: Miccetta “THE CAT”
Music, Arrangements, Voice & Choir: Andrea Pietrangeli
Mixing and mastering: Sound Side Studio by Massimo Marraccini
Rome © February 2024