Overground Life
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1 I start with the sound
2 Interstellar
3 Bliss
4 Inner voice
5 Cocoon yoga
6 Wonderful garden
7 The long way back
8 Liquid Sky
9 Mantra Loop
10 Light breeze
11 Around inside

About Album

Lad Vocals on “Bliss”: Velka Sai
Didjeridoo on “Bliss”: Marco Ferrante
Keyboard on “Bliss”: Danilo Cherni
Soprano Sax on “Cocoon Yoga”: Massimo Marraccini
V-drums on “Mantra Loop”: Massimo Marraccini

Music, Arrangements & Choir: Andrea Pietrangeli

Mixing and mastering:
Sound Side Studio
by Massimo Marraccini
Rome © April 2022


Release Date

May 12, 2022