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Real Nature
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1 In the darkness
2 Deep desert
3 Get lost
4 Don't worry
5 ...When you are happy
6 Real nature
7 Light rebirth
8 A.I.
9 Life beyond reality
10 The ballad of bàcata
11 Alone

About Album

Lead Vocals on “Life beyond reality”: Velka Sai
Keyboard on “Get lost” “In the darkness”: Danilo Cherni
Electric wind instruments on “A.I.” & “Deep desert”: Max Fuzz
Keyboard on “A.I.” “Light rebirth” & “Alone”: Massimo Marraccini
Final purr on “Ballada of bàcata”: Miccetta “THE CAT”
Music, Arrangements, Voice & Choir: Andrea Pietrangeli

Mixing and mastering:
Sound Side Studio
by Massimo Marraccini
Rome © Feb 2024


Release Date

February 22, 2024